Today I wanna tell you about the highs and lows of the last two weeks of university life.


First of all, I like to sing “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off”, because I adore jazz and the song is singed perfectly. Seconly, I found out casual phrases which are used in U.S. For instance, “whachamacallit”, “jeet”, and so forth. Thirdly, Anna and I presented our FIRST dialogue which we used idioms, interjections, names of U.S. states and countries, and words from the book “Don’t look behind you”. Fourthly, I could watch the film “North” without subtitles and I understoon almost every lines. I genuinely liked phrases, which I wanna use as much as possibly in my writing and speaking, from the film. Also, I’ve read 3 chapters of pleasure reading. I really enjoy the plot and expressions or words this book. These phrases are unique for me. They expand the size of my vocabulary every time.


When I need to present small talk or a dialogue, I dread to forger the whole text. So, it happend when I told Ms. B. small talk. However, after that situation I understood that I just need more time to memorize the text for a long time. Also, I didn’t speak English as much as I wanted. I’ve made a decision to change it. It’s the novelty in my life. But after this change I won’t feel apprechension to speak English. I’ll interact well with native speakers.

Let’s recap. The cons can become the pros for you in the future. So, don’t upset, cogitate your problem, and make the plan to solve the problem.

Thanks for attention!